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New Article December 2014
M8 Passenger Seat Mounting Layout

Revised Article December 2014
M8 Dashboard Panels and Window Cill Cappings
(Updated throughout on new evidence)

Revised Article December 2014
M8 Engine,Chassis,Body Numbers
(Substantial Revision)

Revised Article March 2016
M8 Cylinder Heads and Gaskets
(Text varied re swaging of gaskets)

Deleted Articles February 2017
M8 6 Volt Fuses and Ratings
M8 Rear Lamps

New Articles February 2017
M8 1934-38 Fuses, Ratings and Notes
M8 1934-38 Rear Lamps

Revised Article March 2017 M8 1934-38 Sluggish Starting

Revised Article April 2017 M8 1934-38 Running Boards

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